第1课-职商为什么对职业成功如此重要-Why Career Sense Is So Essential To Your Career Success

第2课-自我认知是一切的前提-Everything Starts With Self-Awareness

第3课-没有什么比优秀更难得-Nothing Beats Excellence

第4课-辨别你最大的价值是什么-Identify And Respond To High Value Areas

第5课-找工作时,平台非常重要-Think Platform, Not Just Job

第6课-情商是职场的关键-Soft Skills Are The Key

第7课-你的职场你做主-Your Career Your Responsibility

第8课-机会无处不在!-Opportunities Are All Around You!

第9课-把现在的工作和职业发展目标双管齐下-Manage Your Work And Development Objectives At Once

第10课-只有你能决定自己的职业发展!-They’re Not You!

第11课-中国就业市场重大变化-The Major Change Happening In China’s Employment Market

第12课-稳定不是铁饭碗,改变才是-If You Seek Stability Then Embrace Change

第13课- 越来越需要严阵以待的中国职场面试-China’s Maturing Hiring And Promotion Practice

第14课-现在什么行业最热门?-Today’s Hottest Sectors And Industries

第15课-你具备获得职业成功的四大特质吗?-Key Qualities For Success In Today’s Employment Market

第16课-当今社会想要成功?你必须具备这5大能力!-Key Capabilities For Being Successful Today

第17课-好工作,去哪找?-Where To Find Great Job Opportunities

第18课-为什么创业思维和能力现在备受重视-Why Entrepreneurial Skills And Mindset Are So Valued Today

第19课-越来越多公司要全球化,你准备好了吗?-Many Companies Are Ready To “Go Global”, Are You?

第20课-如何让自己在就业市场中一直具有竞争力?-Staying Competitive In China’s Maturing Employment Market

第21课-你具备高管眼中的专业性吗?-How Do Top Employers And Executives Define Professionalism

第22课-细节决定成败!-Everything Counts!

第23课-招聘经理和优秀企业高管如何评估顶级人才?-How Do Hiring Managers And Executives Of Leading Companies Assess Top Talent

第24课-为什么员工和老板的想法总是不一样?-Key Things Your Management Views Differently From Many Employees

第25课-想知道在面试中老板如何评估你的软技能吗?-How Do Employers Assess Your Soft Skills In An Interview

第26课-为什么老板们喜欢来自非一线城市或学校的求职者-Why Do Many Employers Like Hiring People From Lower Tier Cities And Schools

第27课-老板最看重员工的三种品质-Things Your Boss Is Always Noticing About You

第28课-你犯错时别人会怎么看待你?-What Others Care About Most When You Make A Mistake

第29课-你是不是有领导潜力,老板这么看!-How Do Employers Tell Who The High Potential Leaders Are

第30课-为什么“创业”比“守成”更令人印象深刻-Why Building Things is Much More Impressive Than Running Things

第31课-把职业当成企业管理,规划你的职业生涯-Approach Your Career Like A Business

第32课-如何获得一份让你充满热情的职业-What It Takes To Have A Passionate Career

第33课-没有清晰的职业目标,该如何进行职业规划?-How To Plan Your Career Without A Clear Career Objective Yet

第34课-专业和学位对职场成功来说到底有多重要?-How Critical Is Your Major And Your Degree To Your Career Success?

第35课-如何培养自我评估的能力?-How To Develop Your Ability To Self-Assess Your Own Capabilities And Performance

第36课-如何自我发展,这三点一定要了解!-Things You Always Want To Know About Your Development Situation

第37课-如何在求职时学会区分“必备项”和“加分项”?-Determining The “Must Haves” vs. “Nice To Haves”

第38课-你适合互联网行业吗?-Are You Someone Who Is Well-suited For The Internet Industry

第39课-想创业?你准备好了么?-Things To Help You Tell If You’re Ready To Be An Entrepreneur

第40课-赚钱时会常犯的一个最大的错误是什么?The Biggest Mistake People Make When It Comes To Making Money

第41课-到底应该跳槽还是不跳槽?-How To Assess The Risk Of Moving vs The Risk of Not Moving

第42课-面对新机会,如何衡量它的利弊?-How To Weigh The Downsides vs. The Upsides Of A New Opportunity

第43课-如何运用SWOT分析来解读新工作机会?-Do You Apply SWOT Analysis To The New Opportunities You Consider

第44课-如何评估名气不大的公司?-How To Assess Companies That Are Not So Well-Known Or Famous

第45课-如何判断你是否适合在小公司工作?-How Can You Tell If You’re A Good Fit To Work In A Smaller Company

第46课-读MBA值得吗?-Is It Worth It To Get An MBA

第47课-好工作和好平台,哪个更重要?-Job Or Platform Which Do You Think Of When You Consider New Opportunities

第48课-两大关键问题决定你的职业选择!-Every Good Job Decision Comes Down To Your Answer To Key Questions

第49课-如何分辨ta是不是个好老板-How Can You Tell If Someone Will Be A Good Boss to Work For

第50课-职场发展不是一朝一夕的事情,要做长远打算!-Your Career Lasts A Long Time!

第51课-当老板在看简历时,他们最在意的两件事是什么?-Things That Top Employers Notice Most On Your Resume

第52课-想找新工作?教你两个必胜绝招!-Big Tips For Pursuing New Opportunities And Job Leads

第53课-4个层次的表现决定你在面试中是否脱颖而出-How To Communicate How Good You Are In A Job Interview

第54课-面试中如何表现出你对这家公司的热爱?-Things That Indicate To Employers Your Level of Interest In Their Opportunity And Compan

第55课-面试中如何回答:“你最大的缺点是什么?”-How To Answer The, “What’s Your Greatest Weakness,” Question

第56课-面试中你应该准备好回答的三个问题-Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer In Any Job Interview

第57课-在面试结束时该问什么问题-What Are Good Questions To Ask At The End Of A Job Interview?

第58课-如何在面试中进行薪酬谈判?-How To Approach Your Salary Negotiations In A Job Interview


第60课-跳槽时,应不应该“裸辞”?-Should You Quit Your Job To Look For Your Next Opportunity?

第61课-三条“干货”,让你明白和外国人进行交流的真相-How Good Does Your English Have To Be To Communicate Effectively With Foreigners?

第62课-你一定得听的一条职业发展建议-The Best Career Development Advice I’ve Ever Heard

第63课-快速学习的关键方法-The Key Factor That Allows You To Learn Faster (And Help Others Learn Faster Too!)

第64课-如何避免成为一个任务机器-How To Avoid Being Just A Taskmaster

第65课-职业发展之自我提升的重要性-Taking A Self-Development Approach To Your Career Development

第66课-从单打独斗到管理团队,最大的挑战是什么?-The Biggest Challenge You’ll Face Going From An Individual Contributor To Manager

第67课-工作环境不理想时怎么办?-How To Learn And Grow From Less-Than-Ideal Job Situations

第68课-如何建立有益的职场导师关系?-Key Things To Help You Build More Beneficial Mentor Relationships

第69课-如何对待你的优势和劣势?-How To View And Approach Your Strengths And Weaknesses

第70课-如何面对职业发展中的最大威胁?-The Biggest Threat To Your Career Development And Future Success

第71课-工作中如何变得更积极主动-How To Become More Proactive

第72课-没太多创意的话, 就努力随机应变-Not So Creative, Then Focus On Being Resourceful

第73课-如何培养你的大局观-How To Develop Your Big Picture Perspective

第74课-如何在工作中有效沟通?-How To Be A More Effective Communicator

第75课-如何大胆并且直接的表达自己的想法?-Getting Yourself To Speak Out And Speak More Directly

第76课-如何让你老板听你的?-How to Get Your Management To Listen To Your Ideas

第77课-如何做好一场presentation?-How To Deliver Effective Presentations

第78课-做笔记,聆听和思考,如何才能同时做到?-How Well Do You Listen, Write, And Think At The Same Time

第79课-如何提高你的时间管理能力-How To Improve Your Time Management

第80课-没当领导怎么培养领导力?-How To Develop Your Leadership Before You’re Given The Chance To Lead Others Yet

第81课-如何提高你的竞争优势?-How To Develop Your Competitive Advantage

第82课-如何提高工作质量?-Simple Habits For Delivering Higher Quality, More Impressive Work

第83课-如何诊断你的职业发展状态?-Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If Your Career Is In Good Shape

第84课-面对新形势时,成功人士评估这三件事!-Things Highly Successful People Assess When Facing New Situations

第85课-工作中出现差错怎么应对?-Don’t Be Afraid To Say, “It’s My Fault” When Something Goes Wrong

第86课-你最想问你的老板和经理哪三个问题?-What Questions Would You Ask Your Boss Or Management If You Could?

第87课-如何让老板支持你的职业发展?-How To Get Your Boss To Support Your Success More

第88课-跟乔丹学习如何提高自己-A Great Lesson To Learn From Michael Jordan About Pursuing Your Career Success

第89课-如何识别和发展你的通用技能-Recognize Transferable Skills And Invest In Developing Them

第90课-如何家庭事业双丰收-Achieving A Successful Career And Family Life At The Same Time

第91课-如何平衡生活和工作?(第一部分)-A Successful Work/Life Balance (part I)

第92课-如何平衡生活和工作?(第二部分)-A Successful Work/Life Balance (part II)

第93课-当面试涉及到婚姻及家庭问题时,该如何回答?-How To Answer Questions About Marriage, Family, Or Work Life Balance In A Job Interview

第94课-为什么说现在是女性事业的黄金时代-Why This Is A Golden Time Of Career Opportunities For Women

第95课-女性领导人有哪些得天独厚的优势?-Key Areas Where Many Women Excel As Leaders

第96课-如何在事业和家庭之间做决定?-How To Make Decisions Between Career And Family

第97课-如何解释长时间待业状态?-How To Explain A Long Period When You Didn’t Work To An Employer

第98课-为什么女性适合进入招聘行业?-Why You Should Consider A Career In The Recruitment Industry If You’re A Woman

第99课-如何看待婚姻关系中老婆挣得比老公多?-How To Deal With A Relationship Where The Woman’s Career Is More Successful Than The Man’s

第100课-职业成功的路上,祝你好运!-Good Luck Achieving The Success You Seek!




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